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Memorable brand collaboration for a successful launch

Pioneering cookware

Circulon, first launched in the UK, has been pushing the limits of cookware design for over 35 years – premiering the world’s first non-stick system. Circulon pioneers groundbreaking technologies that help home cooks feel fearless in the kitchen. Innovative products are at the heart of the brand.

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Although Circulon is a brand with a strong global presence, it wasn’t perceived as a securely established brand in Thailand. They sought to differentiate their brand with a new identity leading with the world’s first cookware technology from Circulon — SteelShieldTM technology – A collection of cookware that cooks like steel, but cleans like nonstick.

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What We Did

We worked alongside Circulon to develop a campaign to create a memorable Rebrand launch in Thailand. This collaboration of Circulon and 100Mahaseth aims to elevate cooking to a whole new level. We had the pleasure to localise this disruptive cookware brand and came up with the “Fearless Cooking Innovation” Campaign. From this concept, Mind Mode team developed an exclusive interview, lifestyle imagery, and press release for prints and digital to express the core essence of the brand.


  • PR Strategy
  • Brand Partnership


  • PR and media outreach (prints and digital)
  • Creative messaging
  • Influencer marketing (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Photography
  • Exclusive interview
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To build trust and create an appeal for the aspiring culinary maximisers target group, we teamed Circulon with Chef Charlie Gader, the Executive Chef at “100Mahaseth”. 100Mahaseth is a Michelin Bib Gourmand awarded Thai-Isan restaurant. The concept is to go beyond the cooking limits with the innovation from Circulon by creating an exclusive recipe – a Pan-Seared Grouper with Lemon Caper Sauce. This exclusive menu is now available at 100 Mahaseth restaurant until 31 May.

The story angle Mind Mode developed is newsworthy in the eyes of journalists and the public. It results in a PR value worthing 26 times more than the PR cost.

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Mind Mode found the right angle for this exciting launch. The most talked-about story ‘fine dining’ is tied to Circulon’s rebranding news. As a result, this piece was featured in relevant media publications and digital platforms including Gourmet & Cuisine magazine, PostToday, and Maeban.

Judge of Master Chef Thailand (Khun Pasan), Judge of Iron Chef Thailand (Khun Pete), Vogue Thailand’s lifestyle & fashion editor (Khun Pook), and food & travel writer (Khun Ploy Chariyaves) also shared an exclusive sneak peek of this campaign on Instagram.

Mind Mode’s work helped Circulon gained PR value worthing 26 times more than the PR cost, while also establishing the brand on non-traditional media such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.