One Publique

Advising a niche education business on branding impact

A New Wave of Education

One Publique is a debate and public speaking institution that specialises in empowering people to communicate efficiently and focuses on assisting people in developing the confidence, skills, posture, and mindset necessary to express oneself in public. Their unique approach to public speaking and debate sets them apart from traditional institutions.


One Publique came to us with the goal of establishing clear branding and reaching their niche target market. They wanted to ensure that their unique value proposition was effectively communicated to the right audience.


What We Did

Mind Mode collaborated closely with One Publique to customise a brand strategy that clearly defines their unique value proposition and distinguishes them from their competitors. A thorough communication guideline is also provided to them, in order to ensure that all of their communications, whether in the form of social media posts or email newsletters, were on-brand and aligned with their messaging.


  • Market & Audience Research
  • Goal Boosting Workshop
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Storytelling
  • Communication Guidelines
  • Social Media Style Guide


  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation
  • Graphics Creation

For One Publique’s launch, Mind Mode also managed their social media artwork and content to assist the business establish the fundamentals of communication through social media.

I’m incredibly impressed by Mind Mode team. They’re very responsive and great listeners. Even though I’m a business owner, I am new to marketing: yet, they take the time to explain to me the nitty gritty details. I engaged them in a rebranding project, and they were able to bring out my brand’s authentic voice. Thanks to them, now I have a brand strategy that I can use for the next 5 years!

– Alisa, Founder of One Publique



With abundant brand assets and strategy to run their business smoothly, we are proud to have helped One Publique establish a clear branding and guide them on how to effectively communicate their unique value proposition to their niche target market.