A new ray of light for the promising startup

Seamless Flavours

Having great passion to create plant protein with outstanding taste for urban lifestyle while create an empathic business for the environment, Plantae sets out to revolutionise consuming products for millennials who seek a better, greener lifestyle choice.


As an ardent start-up in Thailand, Plantae faced inadequate brand awareness compared to its competitors. We set out to make Plantae stand out among industry’s larger players in a short period of time and to become the preeminent plant-based protein with an eco-conscious notion while projecting the approachable image that protein is essential for everyone.

What We Did

Our main objective is to raise Plantae’s brand awareness in the span of three months. Along side with that, we determined to present Plantae’s strong suit—flavour, variety, and eco-consciousness—to the public’s attention.

In Q4 of 2021, we started strengthening its brand awareness and identity with video contents collaborated with local YouTubers. We had the pleasure of executing the “Reearth” campaign—a CSR project designed to demonstrate the company’s commitment to environmental preservation by supporting WWF, the world’s leading conservation organisation.

From this approach, in December 2021, we executed the campaign with 200 local influencers on Instagram, as well as PR and media outreach to establish their credibility with the public, raising awareness among audiences.

Our partnership with Plantae flourished anew in 2022. To strengthen Plantae’s visibility and highlight its position as an alternative protein for those with lactose intolerance and one of the most delectable plant-based proteins on the market, we collaborated closely with influencers across multiple platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Mind Mode provided Plantae with invaluable PR support for their first public event at Siam Square, ‘Nice to PLANTAE you’. Our extensive network enabled Plantae to secure a wide range of local media coverage with a PR value that was 87 times greater than the expense of the PR campaign.


  • PR Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing Strategy


  • PR (Digital & Prints) for CSR Campaign
  • PR (Digital & Prints) for Event
  • Creative Message
  • Influencer Seeding Campaign
  • Content Collaboration on YouTube and TikTok

By the end of 2021, we significantly elevated Plantae’s brand awareness by collaborating with 19 YouTubers and 200 influencers, as well as executing media outreach to 60 media publications and digital platforms, generating a 4 percent ROI.


With consistent campaigns over a three-month period, Mind Mode has expanded Plantae’s brand awareness and target market beyond health-conscious individuals by utilising influencer marketing approach and PR strategy.


In the span of two years, we worked closely with over 200 local influencers and celebrities, including Pisanu Nimsakul (BradBoy) with over 1 million views on YouTube. Moreover, Plantae was featured in a total of 60 leading media such as Thairat, Maeban, Forbes Thailand, Vogue Thailand, The Standard Pop, and many more.

By the end of 2021, Plantae had generated a 4% ROI and established itself as one of Thailand’s leading plant-based proteins, while also emphasising the notion that Plantae’s products are not excluded for a select few, but for everyone.