Heilo x Delitier x Mind Mode

Mind Mode, Heilo, & Delitier announce a partnership

Mind Mode, Heilo, & Delitier announce a partnership to streamline your digital marketing campaigns in Bangkok & Singapore.

Meet HEILO, a hybrid agency that provides a 360 experience using a digital approach to fully integrate the strategy into roadshow, activation & launch event setup. Delitier & Co. is a branding agency that artfully plans your digital footprint and constructs aesthetically impactful visuals for each engagement. They work with clients that include SK-ll, Häagen-Dazs, and Converse. Today, we are proud to announce a partnership with these two hybrid marketing agencies in Singapore to streamline your digital marketing campaigns in the most international cities in South East Asia, Bangkok and Singapore.

Through this exciting partnership, we believe we are offering unique insights and strategies for your brand to successfully launch in this emerging market. By harnessing our accumulated experiences, we know what the SEA consumers value and how your brand can authentically engage with them. We take a user-centric approach to bring a meaningful impact to your business. We will help you create a brand image and a story that are unique enough to create demand in the region with a potential market of 650 million people.

“Resilient and racing ahead” is how Google described the economy in SEA region in its 2020 report. If you are seeking to expand to this region, you can count on us. The partnership will offer the integration of marketing campaigns running in parallel in both cities. We offer influencer marketing, gamification marketing, PR services, and Microsite campaign so you can connect with your audience where ever you are. Let’s explore your brand’s wider and deeper potentials together.

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Mind Mode – Write to info@mindmodeproject.com 
Heilo: https://www.heilo.sg/
Delitier: https://www.delitierco.com/