How do you add emotional benefits to your product?

How do you add emotional benefits to your product?

Yes, you can make the best product and it still needs emotional benefit. Every brand needs both to be successful.


Honesty is not a trend.

It’s how you meet The consumer’s expectations realistically.

Trust is earned. The consumer’s expectation of corporate responsibility and transparency is increasing. You need to develop a brand strategy and the brand messages that align with what you believe in.

We could be a part of something bigger.

Consumers now care more. They are paying more attention to the environment, safety, and the lives of others. According to Google, over the past 90 days as of May 2020, the Search term

“How to live a sustainable lifestyle” has increased by more than 4,550% can you list down 3 things that you are grateful for since starting the company and share it with the world?

Show your empathy, energy, and optimism.

Set an intention and experiment.

As a business, this is the time to experiment. Campaigns that in normal times could take months to execute an owl made in a matter of hours. Set an intention on how you want to be and show up. Can you think of something you would be proud to commit to?

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