Mind Mode - social media marketing - New Year's resolutions for your brand

Setting better New year’s resolutions for your brand – part 1 (reflection)

Reflection helps us develop our understanding more deeply. Here is your new starting point. This sets you up for growth based on past performance so the work continues to improve the next time.

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Know that that are things you can control and can’t control

You can control your brand’s strengths. These are your contents, website, and social media. Consumer Behavior, their sensitivity in the current crisis, and how some Industries are more vulnerable to the covid-19 recession are beyond your control.

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Review to see what went well and what didn't go well

Review past customer promotions, social media campaigns, and all marketing efforts to ensure continued relevance and effectiveness. It is the contents you share, the way you speak to your audience, and your consistency that contributes to the success. Show your empathy, energy, and optimism.

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Pick a topic to analyse

  • What channel are you using?
  • Why are you using it?
  • How often do you engage with the audience?
  • What were the most successful campaigns?
  • What were the least successful campaigns?
  • What were the results?
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Just to give you an example

  • Channel: YouTube
  • Why:  to drive brand awareness
  • Frequency: 4 videos per month

The most successful campaign was the one we have worked with an influencer for a niche audience. The result was a 150% increase in sales. The least successful campaign was the one with mixed messages while we tried to target everyone.

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