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The 5 steps to successful influencer marketing campaign

Influencer marketing is no longer a new concept in digital marketing. If you are constantly looking for ways to generate word of mouth for your brand, we highly recommend influencer marketing. People trust people. These influencers are trusted figures who already have your potential client database. The essence of this marketing approach is to create authentic content, ​​by sharing experiences relevant to the brand’s products or services.

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Determine the goal

The first vital step is to determine the goal of the campaign. Here are the key areas to focus on; increasing brand awareness, generating leads, improving conversions, and strengthening brand image.

Set up a strategy

Develop the big idea for the campaign. You have to set up structured thinking around the creative process. It will build clarity to what you want to achieve.

Create a solid brief

Keep in mind that you will need to reinforce the distinctive brand assets at this stage like a specific style of advertising. Have a consistent brand voice through a detailed brief when working with influencers so the audience can immediately link back to your brand.

Discover influencers

Understanding different types of influencers can paint a clear picture of who you’re looking to target. While Micro-Influencers can get you high-quality leads, Mega-influencers can raise brand awareness. People know that influencer marketing is advertising but it is more engaging because you let other people narrate your story. By doing it consistently, your brand will get noticed.

Influencer outreach

Initiate the conversation and start promoting. Get influencers involved in the strategy by providing them with the key messages and the photography direction. Remember most influencers work independently. It is also important to give them room for creative freedom to write in their voice and style. Most influencers can post within two weeks of receiving the product.